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# CM3-Home - Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 mother board designed for OpenHAB

OpenHAB is a very popular "<i>vendor and technology agnostic open source automation software for your home</i>". It
integrates "<i>different technologies into one single solution that allows over-arching automation rules and that offers uniform user interfaces</i>. 
OpenHAB can be installed on a lot of generic architectures but they have to be adapted to the real environment
by the user adding HAT, wirings, case, modules, etc. CM3-Home is a design specific that makes possible 
to use OpenHAB directly without any further extensions.

## Main features 

* 1 socket for Linux [Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 CM3L]( 
  * 64bit quad core Cortex A53 
  * 1GB of RAM
* 1 socket for microSD card
* 1 WiFi at 2.4 GHz
* 2 USB 2.0 host ports 
* 1 ISM radio module at 868MHz ([Yarm](
* 1 Fast ethernet port 10/100 Mbit/s
* 1 stereo audio out
* 1 MIPI camera connector for standard Raspeberry Camera
* 1 Serial port at TTL 3V3 devel for the system console
* 1 Seriale port at TTL 3V3 (5V tolerant)
* 4 ADC lines 0..10V
* 2 low voltage relay contacts
* 2 opto-isolated input with on board power-supply
* 1 IR receiver (36KHz)
* Power-in 12-24VDC
* 2.2 inch front panel SPI TFT display, 320x240 pixel, resistive touch, Linux frame buffer support.

### Wired bus

Some non-official hardware implementations of commercial system bus are present on the CM3-Home for non-professional use.
We have used the scheme available on internet for this buses and implemented all the protection we know to avoid any damage
to your esternal devices but we can't provide any warranties about its proper operations or any devices damages. 
We don't have any partnership or any certification from the owners of these standard so you will use it 
at your risk. We tested the correct operation with few samples of original equipment but to point out that these busses 
are not certificated. These are the Bus available:

* Dali (opto coupled and self powered bus for up to 16 Dali devices)
* Knx (TPUART opto coupled not self powered)
* 2 x RS485 (opto coupled and self powered) for Modbus, DMX512, etc.
* I2C (3V3 volt) for [Seedstudio Grove modules](  
* 1-Wire (3V3 volt)

## Board preview

<img src="./cm3-parts.jpg" class="img-responsive center-block" width="80%">

## Architecture

<img src="./cm3-architecture.jpg" class="img-responsive center-block" width="80%">

## Enclosure

CM3-Home is designed to be enclosed inside a 9 module DIN RAIL case made by ELBag:

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="./elbag.jpg" class="img-responsive center-block">
<center class="lead">

## Design notes

The following section includes just work-in-progress notes written dowm by the 
by the people involved in the board design and beta testing.

### Test, integrazioni, idee e appunti

* @article='openhab_onewire'
* @article='openhab_lirc'
* @article='openhab_sonoff'
* @article='openhab_tradfri'
* @article='openhab_gpio'
* @article='openhab_knx'
* @article='openhab_dali'
* @article='openhab_dmx'
* @article='CM3-HOME_spi_display'
* @article='openhab_modbus'
* @article='openhab_telegram'
* @article='openhab_analogin'
* @article='openhab_mqtt_ledpanel'
* @article='openhab_relay'
* @article='openhab_weather'
* @article='openhab_widget'
* @article='CM3-HOME_test'
* @article='CM3-HOME_power_consumption'
* @article='CM3-HOME_gpio_lines'
* @article='CM3-HOME_schematic'

### Altri sistemi di Home Automation potenzialmente compatibili con CM3-Home

* [ioBroker](
* [PiDome](
* [PiMatic](
* [OpenRemote](
* [Home Assistant](
* [Domotiga](
* [NexaHome](
* [Node-RED](

## Altre schede basate su modulo Raspberry CM3

* [Pigeon RB300-CM3](
* [Techbase ModBerry X500 M3](
* [Embedded Micro Technology MyPi](
* [Kunbus Revolution Pi RevPi Core3](
* [Media stick](
* [Bits and pieces](

## Links

* OpenHAB
	* [Open HAB su Raspberry Pi](
	* [openHABian - Hassle-free openHAB Setup](
	* [Installazione manuale di openHAB su Raspberry PI 3](./opeHAB_RaspberryPI-3.pdf)
	* [Slides di Massimiliano Casini su Open HAB](
	* [Lista di controller su](
* Accessori
	* [Aeotec Z-Wave USB Z-Stick](
	* [Chiavetta ZigBee](
	* [Busware](
	* [Fibaro Motionsensor - Z-Wave ](

The TanzoLab Project

Il TanzoLab è una iniziativa senza fini di lucro, nata da un'idea di Sergio Tanzilli socio fondatore di Acme Systems srl nel Novembre 2015, per trasferire ad appassionati di elettronica e informatica, professionisti e aziende nel settore, le conoscenze necessarie per poter creare prodotti embedded adatti per la produzione industriale.

Le attività del TanzoLab si svolgono ogni mercoledi sera, salvo casi speciali, dalle ore 18:30 presso i locali della Acme Systems srl e consistono in:

  • Talk monotematici a cura di professionisti in vari settori tecnologici
  • Workshop pratici su elettronica embedded, produzione e informatica
  • Progettazione e realizzazione di nuovi prodotti embedded per l'IT

Le attività vengono coordinate tramite questo sito, in cui vengono pubblicati tutti i lavori svolti o in via di sviluppo, e tramite un gruppo Telegram con cui per interagire direttamente via chat con gli altri membri.